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The Best way to listen is to download our incredible DParkRadio app for your Android or IOS device from the Apple or Google Play Store!  You will have access ALL of our stations including the Main Stream and our Background Area Music Stream!  View weather for your favorite Disney Park, see previously played song titles and even make requests!


From any web browser, click on the “LISTEN NOW” Button at the top right of the page to choose which station you would like to hear!


A Great way to listen to DParkRadio is on the 4th Generation Apple TV.  Just search for “DParkRadio” in the App Store and install it. You will have access to both streams right on your tv to listen in your home!  Sit back, Relax, and enjoy the Best Disney Parks Music!  Enjoy!

listen on amazon alexa

*NEW!  NO SKILL REQUIRED! Just Say The Following To Hear A Station:
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 1”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 2”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 3”
  • “Alexa, Play DParkRadio 4”
The station will start playing and BAM! You’re On The Air!   Enjoy!

listen at home on sonos


IMPORTANT: If you are using the older Sonos “S1” app, see the next section below for that app.

With a Sonos Music System, you can listen to DParkRadio anytime! Sonos Instructions for the latest app shown above.

To Listen to DParkRadio, just add the “Audacy” music service app in Sonos.    Then search for “DParkRadio” and enjoy!

Here is how to add the “Audacy” music service for Sonos if you don’t already have it:

Sonos iOS or Android

  • From the Sonos Settings tab, tap Services.
  • Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service.
  • Scroll down the list and Select “Audacy” from the list.
  • Now select “Add to Sonos”
  • Click “Set up Audacy”
  • Click “Done”
  • Now you can click the Search button, type in “DParkRadio”, and then click on “Stations”.  You will see Audacy now with our stations listed.  Click on the Audacy name and it will show you all 4 stations.  Click on the 3 dots next to each station and “Add Station to My Sonos”.  That way they will be easier to find next time!  Enjoy! 

listen at home on sonos s1 app

This is for users of the OLDER Sonos S1 app ONLY!

Instructions are the same as above,  EXCEPT,   instead of listening with “Audacy”,  you will use the “myTuner” music service.  Please Facebook Message us with any issues or help questions.  We are happy to help!

listen on google home



To listen to our Main Channel, just say “Hey Google, Listen To DParkRadio Channel 1 on Tune-in”

We Highly Recommed Amazon Alexa For A Great Music Experience.  Unfortunately, Google Home Has Decided To Limit Their Overall Music Streaming Capabilities And Because of This, We Can Only Provide You With Our Main Channel 1 On Google Home Devices.  Alexa Has All of Our Stations Available.

  • If your Google Home has a hard time understanding you, watch the video below on how to create a Google Home Routine to make it easy to listen everytime!

Other Ways To Listen To ANY of Our Channels On Google Home:(UK Solution As Well)

  • Android Phonesyou can “Cast my audio”.  Simply open the DParkRadio App and start playing the station you would like.  Then open the Google “Home” app and click on the speaker you want to play the music on.  At the bottom you will see a button that says “Cast my audio”.  Click on that and the music playing on your phone will play on the Google Home speaker!
  • iOS Phones, you can setup the Google Home device as a bluetooth speaker.  Once you do, just open the DParkRadio App and start playing the station you would like.  The audio will play through the Google Home Speaker

Watch How To Add A Google Home Routine For The Easiest Way To Listen


With Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you can listen to our stations through our partner “myTuner Free” app.   Just download it on your phone, open the app, search for “dpark” and select our stations as Favorites.   Now connect to your car using Android Auto or Apple Carplay, select the myTuner app, then favorites and Bam!   Enjoy!



With Roku, you can listen to D Park Radio anytime with “myTuner Radio”!  Just add the “myTuner” app and then search for “d park” .   Once you see the stations, click on each one and save them as a favorite!  ENJOY!

DParkRadio Plays The Greatest Theme Park Music On The Planet!

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